Freezer Beef

Cost and Value

Local Freezer Beef is a very cost effective way to provide safe local beef for your family. Freezer beef is a way of buying beef at a wholesale price and volume direct from the farm. An order of freezer beef ensures you have an in house supply of beef in varying cuts. At the cost of lean ground beef in the grocery store you will have an assortment of cuts; from steaks and roasts, to ground beef and soup bones. We take orders for beef in advance of harvest and make arrangements with our local abattoir; Dresden Meat Packers who will dry age the meat for a minimum of 14 days. The extended dry aging process is essential for conversion of muscle into meat to enhance tenderness. Dresden Meat Packers will then contact you and walk you through the custom order process. Custom cutting instructions include steak thickness and how many in a package, roast size, ground beef size, hamburger patties,  stewing beef, organs and soup bones. Whether you are a large family or a single household portions can be adjusted to suit your needs. So if you are looking for quality locally raised freezer beef, we would love to be your supplier. We are compassionate about raising cattle with a focus on animal care and comfort.


Dependent on cutting and deboning instructions, a typical ¼ of beef requires approximately 4 cubic feet of freezer space (two standard laundry baskets). Freezer beef can be conveniently stored in your freezer for over a year. We recommend matching your purchase with your annual consumption.


Currently we have a seasonal availability from September through April. This reflects our once annually calving season. To avoid complications from calving through harsh winter months when cold conditions and poor grazing restrict the cattle to the barn we calve in early spring.
Call for exact availability and pricing. Currently wait times are approximately 6 weeks.

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